New Extended Performance Omni Antennas for Link16 Ground-Based Installations

13 July 2004

European Antennas Ltd has developed a high gain omni antenna that covers the entire Link16 band, 960-1215 MHz. Having 7 dBi gain, when compared with traditional 2 dBi gain omni antennas, can nearly double the range of a system that is constrained by output power. Receive sensitivity is increased significantly - usually the limiting factor for communications with distant airborne platforms. The higher gain also allows reduced transmit power from the ground-based transmitter and helps reduce the need for large generators in the case of tactical mobile Link16 systems.

Link16 omni-directional antennaThe antenna has a corporate feed structure to ensure that the peak gain remains at the same elevation angle (+1.5°) at all frequencies, despite the large bandwidth for this omni pattern. The radiating elements and feed structure have been designed to produce an omni antenna with less than +/-1° azimuth ripple across the entire band. This ensures that the customer can be confident in connection to the aircraft whatever the orientation of the antenna.Link 16 Fly By Analysis 

Although European Antennas' Link16 high gain omni has 17° elevation beamwidth, detailed analysis has demonstrated that the aircraft will receive stronger signals the closer it gets to the ground antenna, irrespective of aircraft height or elevation angle, including overhead at 30,000 ft. The antenna is very light weight (1.7kg) and has a base spigot for mounting to standard 1 inch pole mount clamps, although other configurations are possible.

NATO stock number: NSN 5985-99-758-6585
Model reference XVO7-960-1215/1120

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