New 104-page Antenna Catalogue

22 August 2012

A new, fully illustrated 104-page antenna catalogue is available in printed format and online. Featuring more than 1200 listed antennas with 700+ photographs and graphic illustrations, it includes technical and application information making it a useful reference book for engineers involved in system development, installers and operators and provides quick reference for purchasing specialists who need to find new sources for high quality antennas.

Ten pages of photographs demonstrate the wide variety of antenna applications. Defence applications include Tactical Communiations, Link16, C-Band, Radar, Unmanned Systems, Missile Radar and Ground Control. Security and surveillance applications illustrated include Body Worn antennas, COFDM, Cellular DAS and Video and Telemetry from helicopters. Satellite and Commercial applications cover Broadcast, RFID, Cellular, Wireless LAN, PMR, Tetra, WiMAX and LTE.

Twelve illustrated pages of antenna primary specifications, information and description will help operators select the type of antenna they need by showing the relationship between gain, beamwidth, frequency and antenna dimensions.

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