MIMO Antenna Range From Chelton Newmarket

9 July 2014

Chelton Newmarket, a leading antenna producer, is proud to announce a new Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) antenna range which contains almost 100 antennas. Included in the range are omni, directional, sector, hemi-omni and blade omni antennas, all with at least two connectors.

Chelton’s MIMO range makes use of polarisation diversity; vertical and horizontal (V+H), ±45° dual-slant or even right and left hand circular polarisations. The antennas contain two orthogonally polarised elements which are interleaved within a single aperture. This reduces the overall dimensions, compared with two separate antennas, contained within one housing.

With demands for data rates, speed and throughput increasing rapidly, MIMO antennas are now becoming fundamental elements of communication networks. Anticipating these changing requirements Chelton has developed this wide range of MIMO antennas to suit many applications and markets including commercial, military and security.
Chelton’s MIMO antennas help radio systems deliver high data rates with superb efficiency, reliable throughput and minimised risk of signal drop-out.