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Antenna Test Facilities

Spherical Near-Field Test Facility

How confident are you about the performance of the antennas you are using? We can tell you whether or not you are right.

Chelton Newmarket's spherical near-field test facility operates at between 0.8 and 26 GHz. We can provide radiation pattern and antenna gain data, which can be used to verify antenna specification and performance. The many features and benefits of our test facility include:

  • Complete spherical radiation pattern measurements are undertaken
  • Easy-to-read Azimuth and Elevation plane, Co- and Cross-polar radiation patterns are emailed to you, in Microsoft Excel format, within three working days of the agreed test date
  • Full 3-D data sets are made available in ASCII format
  • Special processing of data is available – please let us know what you require and we will provide a quotation
  • Expert interpretation is provided, if required
  • All data remains strictly confidential.

The anechoic chamber is available for hire on a half- or full-day basis. This includes technician support, and the provision of data in standard Excel format. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.