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Link16 Antennas

The ground-to-air Link16 band covers 960 to 1275MHz. Cobham Antenna Systems' extended performance, broadband omni antennas are used for terrestrial and naval applications, communicating with airborne platforms. We also have sector antennas available for Link16 applications.

System limitations are imposed by such factors as bandwidth specifics, and aircrafts' comparatively low transmit power. We achieve longer ranges within these limitations by providing higher gain on the ground for receive bands. 

Our Link16 range includes a 4dBi gain omni that provides 'intermediate' range, size and elevation beamwidth, which can be used for both marine and ground applications.

All of our Link16 antennas are rugged, designed for extremes of weather and temperature. They have all been combat-tested; the extreme conditions have not affected their performance, nor inhibited achievement of mission requirements. 


Chelton provides a high-power, 2dBi gain omni  (model XPO2V-500-1300/034), which has been used for marine applications by the UK Navy. We also offer a broadband dipole antenna (model EVD2-90-1215/004) that has a nominal 0dBi gain and moderate power, for short-range applications. 

Our antennas in this band are typically used for: 

  • Link16 – Military inter-computer data exchange format of NATO
  • MIDS – Multifunctional Information Distribution System
  • JTIDS – Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
  • JTRS – Joint Tactical Radio System. 

To view our standard range of antennas, please visit the Antennas section of this site. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss your requirements.