Ultra Wideband Directional Antenna for DAS

29 April 2013

Cobham Antenna Systems has developed a new Ultra Wideband Directional antenna.

This low profile spiral antenna, model FPA-0.15-2.7R/1874, provides directional patterns with 75 degrees beamwidth over the band 0.15 to 2.7GHz. Gain is -2 to +7dBI across the band. Circular polarisation allows excellent connectivity to antennas of any polarisation and optimum coverage is achieved when the antenna is mounted high up, facing downwards, in large open areas. It is ground-plane independent.

Originally developed for use in major public buildings in New York, the antenna supports DAS applications covering PMR, TETRA, Cellular, Wireless LAN and WiFi communication Systems.

Dimensions are 980mm (39 inches) diameter by 110mm (4 inches) depth. The antenna can be ceiling mounted using a variety of optional mounts. The protective radome is manufactured from fire retardant material.

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