Dual Polar Sector Antenna for White Space Communications

19 February 2014

Cobham Antenna Systems has developed a dual-polar UHF sector antenna for use in White Space frequency bands. This is the first in a range of similar dual-polar base station antennas which will be available from Cobham soon in the 2GHz, 3GHz and 5GHz bands.

Cobham's wideband SA11-90-0.6VH/2178 antenna provides both vertical and horizontal polarisation. In conjunction with radios, having two-port diversity, it can provide non-line-of-sight (NLOS) connectivity and reliable communications in challenging environmental conditions.

The SA11-90-0.6VH/2178 antenna covers the entire frequency range 470 to 700MHz, meaning that it can be used in situations where a number of channels are spaced widely apart. With fewer antennas needed, operators and installers will incur lower inventory and installation costs.

The White Space frequency band has been opened following the discontinuation of analogue television transmissions in some countries. The available frequencies have been allocated for both licensed and unlicensed uses, producing exciting opportunities in long distance communications.

The UHF band is recognised for the ability to provide communications over large distances, across remote regions of land or sea and provide good penetration in built-up areas. The band offers high data rates, making it extremely suitable for machine to machine (M2M) applications.

Having high gain (11dBi peak) and wide area coverage, with a 90 degree beamwidth, the SA11-90-0.6VH/2178 antenna can be used stand-alone to provide sector coverage. Used in a configuration, four units are required to achieve 360 degree coverage. With appropriate power dividers and phase-matched cables, several antennas could also be stacked vertically, producing a narrow elevation beamwidth and increased gain. These are available from Cobham.

Cobham has integrated both sets of the polarised elements within the same vertical aperture producing a compact, light weight and rugged antenna. With a UV resistant radome it is designed for long term deployment. Having dimensions of 1550x550x232mm and approximate weight including mounting kit of 20kg, this means shipping costs can be reduced and ease of installation increased.

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