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Tactical Vehicle Antennas

10 July 2023

Chelton has developed a portfolio of vertically and horizontally polarised dual band
omnidirectional antennas designed for use in these systems, available in C+L, C+S, and L+S band

Each dual element antenna consists of two, single-band omnidirectional antennas, one mounted above the
other, on a spring mount base with a NATO standard base.

Each antenna is designed to radiate in all azimuth directions equally, with a peak in the elevation plane
on the horizon. The antenna performance is completely independent of the host vehicle. In addition,
because the antennas are placed relatively high above the mounting flange, and have a comparatively
narrow beamwidth in the elevation plane, the potential for radiation pattern distortion due to metallic parts
of the vehicle is minimised.

Dual band antennas are available with a single port and with two ports. The single port designs contain an
integrated diplexer with a single interface cable which passes through a spring to an N-type connector in
the base of the antenna. In the dual port options, each element is directly fed with interface cables which
pass through a larger spring to two N-type connectors in the base.

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Read the full white paper here