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Cobham Sponsor Team Fritz in the 2015 Mongol Rally

28 October 2015

Cobham Antenna Systems is proud to announce the sponsorship of Team Fritz in the 2015 Mongol Rally.

The Mongol Rally is a charity event that asks participants to cover a gruelling 10,000 miles in a car that is as small, farcical and under-powered as it can possibly be. Ideally with an engine of 1 litre or less and with no sat nav to guide the way. Instead participants are asked to rely on their wits.

The rally sees teams travel all the way from London (UK) to Ulaanbataar (Mongolia). The un-route, as the rally calls it, or bit in between is entirely down to the participants. It does however involve travelling through some very remote and treacherous environments.

With that in mind the team decided that it may be wise to take a satellite phone in case of emergency. At this point the team made contact to see if we would be able to supply a 'tough product for a tough race'. We were only too happy to oblige and supplied the team with an HOA2-159L-GPS/1577 hemi-omni antenna.

The HOA2-159L-GPS/1577 is a rugged unit which was designed specifically for satellite applications and has an integrated GPS antenna. It is suitable for Thuraya satellite networks and mobile satellite communications making it ideal for the journey the team faced. In the banner image above you can see the white antenna attached to the roof of the car with a magnetic mount.

We are pleased to say the antenna helped the team on their long journey across the world and back again and both made it back in one piece.

Team Fritz have raised an astonishing amount of money for three charities and have an excellent documentation of their preparations and journey. Please visit the Team Fritz website to find out more.

You can also visit the Mongol Rally website to find out about the 2015 event and the upcoming 2016 event.