Launch of New RFID Antenna Brochure

11 April 2014

Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas RFID Antenna BrochureRadio frequency identification (RFID) is a major technology tool for tracking goods and assets. Expensive equipment and valuable assets, large or small, can be located quickly, improving operational efficiency. Manufacturers and logistics providers are using RFID to improve asset management by tracking goods from the point of manufacture to point of sale.

Cobham Antenna Systems has developed a range of antennas to maximize installation performance. These antennas offer controlled and repeatable pattern coverage to ensure efficient RFID systems. This range covers the 433MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz bands and includes omni and directional antennas. Sector antennas are used for portal control.

Our antennas are currently being used for:

  • Stock monitoring at military depots
  • Accurate monitoring of operation times in hospital theatres
  • A cargo monitoring system that enables a tag to be read on an approaching container vehicle so that the correct crane and replacement container can be in place on arrival
  • Road tolling so that each vehicle is correctly identified to ensure accurate charging
  • Securing valuable artefacts

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