Car Park Omni Antennas

11 October 2011

Low profile antenna designed to cover both PMR and Tetra applications, suitable for Distributive Antenna Systems (DAS).

Omni antenna OA1-0.42V/1316 (featured in this photograph) was designed for communication within an airport car park covering both Tetra (385 to 400MHz) and PMR (450 to 470MHz) frequencies, in a single antenna.

With a frequency of 380 to 470 MHz antennas would normally be very large, but with severe height restrictions within the car park this antenna was designed to maintain high specification beam patterns as well as being a suitable size (400mm diameter x 240mm tall). 

The design of this antenna means that it is rugged enough to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as being a suitable colour to blend in with its surroundings. The flying lead design allows for simple installation. 

This antenna meets SAR or Touch Safe legislation, which together with bespoke mounting arrangements ensure that the antennas’ patterns are not compromised when mounted in the required location. The product was designed to meet network specifications while achieving architectural approval and could be used in enclosed public areas where space is at a premium such as shopping centres or railway stations.