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Electronic Warfare (EW) Antennas

Effective countermeasures for field operations are becoming mandatory, as commercially available RF products continue to be used for IED triggers. Denying enemy operators their use of the RF spectrum is of critical importance.

As RF sources and amplifiers are developed to cover wider bands at higher power, it is important that antennas are developed similarly, in parallel. Such antennas must cover all specified bands; peak gain must be on the horizon, and they must be small enough for use by foot soldiers and rugged enough for vehicle applications.

Chelton have a proven portfolio of ultra wideband (UWB) omni antennas, in the range 150MHz to 40GHz, to cover all of the bands in which high-power amplifiers operate. We have developed multistack omni arrangements, as well as specific antennas with high gain for cellular band countermeasures.

Ultra-Wideband Omni Antennas

  • Biconical omnis that are fully efficient
  • Bandwidths from 3:1 to 30:1 are achievable
  • Frequencies from 100MHz to 18GHz
  • Ground plane independent
  • Vertically polarised
  • Elevation HPBW typically 30 to 60 degrees
  • Typically 0 to 2dBi gain across the band
  • Excellent azimuth patterns
  • High power
  • Peak gain on horizon across all bands. 

Multistack Omni Antennas

Wideband omni antennas can be 'stacked'; we can design antennas so that several can be built into a single housing, which provides a single mounting point on any vehicle. This is further enabled by new feed-through technology allowing the co-location of multiple antennas within the same radome. Features and benefits include: 

  • Overlapping frequencies for multiple applications
  • High isolation between bands
  • 200W per band simultaneously
  • Good return loss across all bands. 

Directional Antennas

A wide range of directional, ultra-wideband, high power, circular polarised and spiral antennas are also available from Cobham Antenna Systems. This range is continually expanding, with new developments undertaken to meet customers' deployment requirements. Features and benefits include: 

  • High power (tested to 150W, in some cases, but capable of more)
  • Highly directional, for focused beams
  • Low profile
  • High gain (Up to 32dBi)
  • Rugged
  • Cavity backed spiral antennas
  • High power spiral antennas. 

To view our standard range of antennas, please visit the Antennas section of this site. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss your requirements.