Circular Polarised Quick Deployment C-Band Omnis for Tactical Comms

18 May 2011

It has been demonstrated that circular polarization at these requencies provides greater penetration through cluttered environments.

This has prompted our development of two new, medium gain, circular polarized omni antennas for vehicle-to-vehicle, high data rate mesh tactical communications.

Covering the C-band in two parts, 4.40 to 4.80GHz and 5.70 to 5.90GHz, both antennas have left-hand circular polarization, 5dBiC gain, and half power beamwidth of 360° azimuth by 22° elevation.

These antennas have a quick deployment mounting system so that one antenna can be quickly exchanged for another. Change-over has a hand-tightened interface arrangement with the spring so that quick deployment can be carried out. The springs can remain in position.

Omni antenna reference OA6-4.L/1755 covers the lowr section of the C-band, frequency range 4.40 to 4.80GHz

Omni antenna OA6-5.8L/1756 covers the higher end of the C-band with a frequency range of 5.7 to 5.9GHz