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Chelton Launches New Combined Antenna and Mast Package Capability

7 June 2018

In summer 2018, Chelton Newmarket, a world-leading antenna and mast manufacturer, was pleased to announce the launch of a new product offering of combined antenna and mast packages.

A brochure containing details of the antenna and mast package options is available to download here.

Customers are now able to contact Chelton for the provision of combined antenna and mast expertise from a single-source supplier. Customers are also able to order the optimum combination of Chelton’s antennas, masts, mounting kits, mast interfaces and guying accessories, all from a single point within Chelton.

Other customer-specified items, relevant to rapid deployment systems, such as filters, cables, combiners, lightning arrestors etc. can also be combined into the packages.

Example: Link16 High-Gain Omni with 9-metre mast:

Example link16 antenna and mast case


Packages can be supplied in a customer-defined case, to meet various environmental and Military Standards. Cases are supplied with foam inserts, providing excellent protection for the system's component parts against possible impact damage during transportation or storage

An example of the rapid deployment packages available was displayed on Chelton’s stand at Eurosatory 2018. The example package contained Chelton Newmarket’s Link16 high-gain, omni-directional antenna, composite 9-metre mast, interface cables and ancillaries.

To discuss your requirements for antenna and mast packages, please contact Chelton Newmarket, at newmarket.sales@cobham.com or +44 (0)1638 731 888.